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Designer Gennady Yagupov

We unite high-level specialists and then guide the projects through all stages of construction and finishing works
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01 — About
We don't Solve Problems In A Standard Way — All Our Projects Are Exclusive
We mostly specialize in architectural engineering and design, but our goal is to expand the boundaries of understanding architecture and the arts. We successfully combine technical knowledge and practical skills with creativity and a deep understanding of architecture. Gennady Yagupov is interested in challenges and research related to architecture.

Whatever project we take on, we guarantee its exclusivity. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of understanding architecture and the arts.
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02 — Services
A Good Project Is
The Key to Success
Bringing a project to life is a significant and exciting moment. The work can be considered completely finished only when the house is built, the decoration and furniture are made, all communications are connected and the plot is landscaped

Architectural Design

We'll create a unique project for any real estate object: a private house, a commercial building, or a business center. The main goal in project development is a good combination of personal views of the customer and the safety rules based on building regulations

Interior Design

We develop and implement interior projects of any complexity. Our studio has over 7 years of experience, so we guarantee high quality and compliance with project deadlines. We are sure to create a design of your dreams

Landscape Design

We believe the house and the plot should represent an inseparable whole. Such an approach before the start of construction allows you to see the whole picture, avoid many mistakes, and make the best use of the plot

Specialist Supervision

We guide the project at the stage of construction and finishing works to ensure their compliance with the previously developed and approved design solutions
For Our Studio, Every Project Is Important Regardless of Its Scale
Tell Us what Project You Need
Leave your contacts and we'll contact you to discuss the project and the first steps to bring it to life
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03 — Why Choose Us?
The Advantages of Our Studio

Individual Approach

We work through each solution as part of the project and them with you at every stage

Meeting Deadlines

Strict adherence to the deadlines is a guarantee of the timely start of construction work

Budget Optimization

We help you choose materials and solutions that will be the best in terms of value for money
04 — Our Project
Exhibition Center
  • Work: decorating of the building exterior for the exhibition of contemporary art
  • Total area: 10,800 sqft
  • Completion date: August 2016
Gennady Yagupov
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A Few Words About the Project
The Center is built in the classic white color, but in the evening, with the nightfall, everything becomes a little different: the color architecture refers us to the ship theme.

And it doesn't matter whether it's an ocean liner or an unknown spaceship illuminated with colored lights.

As part of the Multifunctional Center, the following things are planned:
  • On the first and second floors — several cafes, the premises of the marine station, and retail space.
  • On the third floor and the operated roof — a restaurant with a banquet hall.
05 — Partners
We Cooperate with Reliable Partners
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06 — Contacts
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